Seven Airs is a musification site. We currently feature musifications of 7 air quality measurements we collected from locations around the 35th Parallel in California. The air quality data drives musical performances you can hear when you click the logo above or this link. Musician Chris Chafe sped up the music to play back 15 times faster than real time, so one minute of music corresponds to 15 minutes worth of air quality measurements.

Changes in CO2 concentrations are played by a trombone and a clarinet. The total Volatile Organic Compounds (tVOC) concentrations are played by a flute. The tVOC also changes the pitches on a guitar. Changes in either CO2 or tVOC's cause the guitar to play a sequence of notes. Raw data and plain wav audio files are listed here. The CO2 abd tVOC measurements are qualitative and are not calibrated. The relative changes in air quality are accurate and absolute concentrations are approximate.